Testimonials for Matt Jones UK Golf Pro ……

I am a U.S. expatriate residing in the Muscat Hills Golf and Country Club in Muscat, Oman. I was fairly new to golf and had taken a few lessons before, but over the 3 months I was working with Matt in 2012, I have not just become a better golfer (yet I’m decades away from his level) but a better supporter of our youth in the game of Golf. I’m inspired by Matt’s passion for Golf and his decision to pursue a career in the sport he so obviously and genuinely loves. It is rare for me to see someone pursuing their passion and being as great as Matt does and is. I used to tease him when he uses the words “job” and “work” because he exudes such a positive energy and appreciation for what he gets to do…serve the golfing community…especially those of us that have just recently been bit by the Golf bug and decided to take up the game. I am convinced that he will go on to be a renowned golf coach to some of the best players in the world and I am very proud to have met him.

– Jesus Terrones, Muscat Hills Golf and Country Club Muscat, Oman

I am a 21 handicap golfer at Lough Erne Golf Club in County Fermanagh. I attended a regular golf clinic ran on Thursday nights with our Pro Matt Jones. Matt went through a number of things to help me tidy up my golf game including stopping me over-swinging and better rotation of the shoulders without letting any sway motion to creep in. These clinics were of an immense help to me and my fellow golfers that attended the clinics.”snap the tee” always comes to mind when i am standing in a bunker ,waiting to take my flop shot!

Matt is a very mild mannered, courteous, mature young man with a passion for golf. I had the opportunity of playing golf with Matt on our home course on several occasions and on Murvagh, in County Donegal. Matt is a long driver of a ball , regularly driving the ball over 300 yards and very accurate with long and mid range irons, in other words “very tidy” we were very lucky to have had him teach as a Pro and it was a pleasure to spend time with him on the course and socially off the course. He is one of golf’s good guys!

– Darren Mc Caffrey Lough Erne Golf Club, Enniskillen

I had the opportunity to work closely with Matthew at Muscat Hills Golf and Country Club in Muscat, Oman and I found that he was very consciences about his work and displayed excellent aptitude for his work in the golfing world. I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew for any future employment in the golf industry.

– Ray Stopforth,Director of Golf